Xbox 360 firmware modding

Xbox 360 firmware modding

Xbox 360 firmware modding, enable playing of backup games in your xbox 360 console. current version Lite touch Plus

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xbox 360 slim moding found here

 iXtreme LT+ v2.0 -Lite-on Slim 0272, 0225, 0225u, 0401
-Lite-on Phat 02510C
-Benq 04421C
-Hitachi 78/79


Light touch plus + 1.1 liteon all drives, benq 1.2 version, iXtreme 1.51 hitachi Firmware C4Eva's iXtreme Lite Touch Plus (LT+) for Hitachi drive'

s,Xbox 360 Modding, all Xbox 360 drives.



Flashing your Xbox 360 DVD drive will enable you to play backup Xbox 360 games.
enable the use of new wave four disks(wave 4 support now added, eg tekken 6) with a firmware upgrade.
lattest game supported with new firmware. currently safe on xbox live with light touch plus you must patch the games with the lattest abgx360 to get them to work.

we can mod your xbox 360 to play backup games or play new games online safely, well send us the console and within two days you will have your modded console back.

C4E's iXtreme LT+ v1.1 for LiteOn and BenQ

 Lite touch ixtreme LT 1.1 for Liteon firmware released, so should be safe on live as long as disk backups made correctly


is there any difference between ixtreme and ixtreme LT?

Ixtreme firmware imposed several checks on a copied game to check it was made correctly so Microsoft could not detect it, unfortunately these same checks Microsoft used to detect the firmware by noticing a difference in response times between original and hacked ixtreme firmware on your dvd drive. Ixtreme LT is stealth in the sense it does none of these security checks and mimics the original firmware exactly without stealth and wave checks, the important thing about this is the new xbox 360 mod we will put onto your console will not check the disk anymore for errors and so you must do so yourself by not running a bad or hacked backup in your xbox 360.

Ii use a program called abgx360 to check my disks and never have any problems, also if you are ripping your games your self with a good kreon drive you will be unlikely to have any issues

- Will ixtreme LT unban my Xbox 360?
No! The ixtreme LT will not unban your Xbox 360. The ixtreme LT will try to avoid new bans.

- What is abgx360?

Abgx360 must be used after ripping a game to patch its anti piracy 25 (ap25) security sector so your disks will be safe online, if you try to play an ap25 game without patching your firmware will protect you for 3 min with black screen, turn of console within three min to avoid being flagged for banning and burn your disk properly using said abgx360 patch.

abgx360 checks your ripped game against its data base of know good rips and corrects any errors it finds with the disks before you burn it. xbox backup creator also does some limited security sector checks.

i know all this sounds confusing but in simple terms if you have a modded xbox with LT firmware you should be safe to play online if you are making backups of the games correctly. we give a full tutorial with every mod install to help you learn, we also could show you how to rip games if you live in the Auckland region.

Is a mod chip required in my xbox? no we do not need to install a mod-chip permanently we can do a modchip install to get the key of as a second try if our method fails the first time.
can the slim liteon xbox 360 drive be modded? not at this time, we know of a few people working on this and they should let us know soon how they are getting on.
Just post console to me costs about $7.5 all around new Zealand (insured), and ill post it back the next day, or you can get same day service if you live around the greater Auckland region or wellington
please see the tutorials section for instructions on making a disk backup. In short you require a kreon DVD drive to rip the game to your computer and a Dual layer burner to burn the game to a Dual layer +R verbatim disk. Other brands of disks maybe used but i recommend only using verbatim.

All of your consoles warranty stickers will be removed carefully

If you have a Liteon drive (yellow wires through the front of DVD drive’s metal plate with face plate removed) in your new console we can now flash back to original firmware if you ever want unmodded infuture. This will enable us to put your console back to its original state , if you ever have problems with your console. All other DVD drive may be flashed back to stock (original) firmware so this is not a problem

Please do not attempt to flash your console yourself unless you are experienced. As incorrect flashing procedure will lead to bricking of your 360 drive and possible loss of your Xbox’s drive key, leaving you with an expensive DVD player only or door stop. However if you have attempted to flash yourself and have been unsuccessful send me an email with the details and I will try to help out.
This service is designed to enable you to back up games you own, to protect them from damage, e.g. kids and the famous Xbox disk scratching, caused by the console itself.
I take no responsibility if you backup games you do know own, nor do i condone it.
Any questions feel free to ask.
Pickup and drop of can be arranged around the central Auckland

BenQ VAD6038 Drive lt1.2

Philips VAD6037/21 drive 1.1 LT

Hitachi-LG GDR-3120L drive 1.51 ixtreme

Toshiba-Samsung TS-H943 Drive MS28 MS25 LT 1.0

LITEON DG-16D2S 74850c), 83850c.

for new xbox 360 liteon drives IE if your xbox is manufacutred after august 2009 it will have a hard to mod liteon 83850c v2( kiwimods discoverd) or 93850 drive in this event please select after august from drop down box

"[c4eva] new fw in dev/test - ixtreme LT (Lite Touch) - more efficient , minimal patching , all aspects of fw indistinguisable from orig, no more bans, out now.

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2011-10-10 Ethan .... good service with the great and nice friendly communication with them..answred all my questions fast.

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