Xbox 360 Jtag hack Freeboot, XBR

Xbox 360 Jtag hack Freeboot, XBR

A new version of freeBOOT v0.03x has been released (a patched-kernel 2.0.12625.0 rebooter for all JTAG-exploitable 360s).

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We are now loading the kinetic dash kernel 2.0.12625.0

 A new version of freeBOOT v0.03x has been released (a patched-9199 rebooter for all JTAG-exploitable 360s).

Your console must have a dash version before 84xx, to check this go to system setting system info, and it will say 2.0.84xx, IE D 2.07371 =good can be modded if manufactured before August 2009, we have a few new jasper consoles let which can have this hack done if your console is patched against it with a newer dash.

Includes complete striping of your xbox console and removing rs232 resistor to prevent accidental update and removing jtag hack ability.


Fan speed upgrade patches.

Hard drive setup.

Its very important not to update your console via disk, however if you do stuff something up we will have a backup image of your nand to downgrade again.

play backup games from your hard drive without the need for disk

What's new/fixed:
* fixed profile corruption
* fixed xb1 emu
* updated xellous

What's New:
- based on targeting kernel 2.0.12625.0
- patches from freeBoot kernel/hv are ported to 12625
- supports both flash tool and ibuild extracted kv/smc_config
- supports injecting Mobile*.dat
- previously revoked usb devices should now work
- kinect works (apply system update for avatars and kinect) it is strongly recommended that r6t3 be removed
- entirely new image builder (no extraction)
- rebuilt/cleaned core can now boot xell on slot to eject dvd drives (see bin directory for alternate)
- exploit payload simplified

Current Limitations:
- security files besides KV must be provided in encrypted form
- STAY THE HELL OFF LIVE! Nuff said, we're not you're mum
General Features:
* updated to kernel 2.0.9199
* now supports all consoles and flashing solutions (ikari)
* removed memory protections
Code can be executed and modified anywhere in the range from 0x80000000 to 0x9FFFFFFF. This can be used to create game trainers and will allow for porting of emulators, which rely on dynamic compilation.
[2 different patches 1 with this: xbox1 emu doesn't, 1 without xbox1 emu does work]
* encrypted DevKit XEXes are now working
* includes dash launch patch
* LIVE/PIRS/GOD content fully working
* internal security breach reports deactivated (Redline99)

From Comment
2011-09-02 Ethan .... Hi will i be able to save games to my external hard drive and play them off it or will it only work on the 360 hard drive
2010-09-23 manstaz r. how do we find out if its capable or not, can u save to an non microsoft hdd
2010-09-11 myles .... no only consoles made before august 09, and with dash 7371 or lower
2010-09-11 mike .... can this be done to any console

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